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The #1 thing everybody HATES about Brickell

There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck in traffic!

Everyone’s already running on “Miami time,” but getting stuck in Brickell traffic can make you late even by 305 standards.

When you live in these buildings, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from I-95, where traffic isn’t much better, but at least you don’t have to wait for the bridge to go up!

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A rare shot of I-95 completely empty during COVID-19.
Photo by @cinematic80

1. Latitude on the River

The Latitude is the closest Brickell building to the I-95 ramps. When you exit the Latitude onto SW 7th St, there are two highway entrances a couple blocks away.

It should take you 5 minutes or less to get to the highway from the Latitude.

Click here to see listings at Latitude on the River!

2. Neo Vertika

Neo Vertika is right next door to the Latitude. What’s nice about Neo Vertika is that the garage & valet are down a cul-de-sac which eases the traffic & congestion at the entrance.

Click here to see listings at Neo Vertika!

3. Reach & Rise

With both towers located in Brickell City Centre, Reach and Rise give you easy access to 7th street, from which you can get on the highway. Because these buildings are a little further toward the center of Brickell, drivers have to wait at an extra traffic light.

Click here to see listings at Reach & Rise!

4. Brickell on the River

Brickell on the River’s prime location is perfect for many reasons, but its proximity to the highway is another plus! Its driveway is off one of Brickell’s ~least~ busy streets that leads you to the highway through a secret back road (ok it’s not really a secret, but there’s barely any traffic).

Click here to see listings at Brickell on the River!

5. 500 Brickell

500 Brickell brings you to almost the same spot as Brickell on the River. What’s nice about this area is that all the streets are 2-way, making it easy to get to the highway to the west or Downtown/Brickell Ave to the east.

Click here to see listings at 500 Brickell

Photo by @cinematic80

In Brickell, you don’t have to sacrifice walkability to find a place that is close to highway access.

Now let’s cross our fingers that you get a parking space on a low floor!

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