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    • Top Brickell Realtor Changes Name to Double L Group [6 Burning Questions with Founder Elliot Machado]

    Top Brickell Realtor Changes Name to Double L Group [6 Burning Questions with Founder Elliot Machado]

    Top Brickell Realtor is now (drumroll please…) Double L Group!

    In this video & blog post, founder Elliot Machado answers all your burning questions about why we decided to rebrand.

    Q: Why did you decide to rebrand?

    A: We decided to rebrand for one reason: long term goals. We didn’t want our long term expansion goals to be limited by “Top Brickell Realtor.” We’re going into other neighborhoods and really providing a great service all the way around.

    Q: What does the “double L” represent?

    A: E – Double L – I – O – T. It’s something different just to be a little out of the box, to not just say “Machado Group,” but to be a little bit more unique. Also it stands for our new slogan: Limitless Living.

    Q: What’s the difference between the Double L Group and Top Brickell Realtor?

    A: The only difference is the name. We’re still hard working, professional, and we’re still executing.

    Q: So do you still work in Brickell?

    A: Yes I still work in Brickell. 80% of my business is still in Brickell & Downtown. But now we’re expanding into these other areas & neighborhoods which are really nice.

    Q: What sets the Double L Group apart from other local real estate groups

    A: That’s a great question. The biggest thing that sets us apart is obviously our marketing; it’s our dedicated staff to the operation part, to the contract part, and really having somebody there to hand-hold you all the way through the process. Now on the marketing side, this is much bigger of a question that most agents think they can do themselves, which they can’t. For starters, having someone there to focus on the digital ads, the presence, and consistently marketing properties when we get listings. Not to mention, having somebody in there that could always keep an eye on the market, having the automation so when something new hits the market and you as a buyer need to know immediately, we can get that to you automatically. It’s fantastic.

    Q: What’s the best part about working under ONE Sothebys International Realty?

    A: The best thing about working with One Sotheby’s International Realty – I should know because I’m going on 8 years now with them – is one, obviously the name & the heritage, and just really what that brand has to offer. Two, is the global reach. I have so many people from our feeder markets really coming in and being known as someone for the city or the core living and being able to follow and work that structure, it’s amazing to have.

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