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    Coconut Grove is an upscale leafy neighborhood located in Miami, Florida.


    Coconut Grove is an upscale leafy neighborhood located in Miami, Florida. This area has evolved over the years in terms of real estate and ranks among the most prestigious communities in the United States. It is worth noting that this neighborhood is the oldest in Miami and has hosted several artists, pioneers, millionaires, intellectuals, sailors and naturalists. Even though it is Miami’s oldest neighborhood, it hasn’t lost one ounce of its charm.

    Over the years, the real estate sector in this market has continuously grown and is still booming. I know the media broadcasts the real estate market in Miami as crashing or failing. This might be the case with other locations in Miami but not Coconut Grove.

    What You Should Know About Buying Homes in Coconut Grove

    Properties along the $1M and $1.5M range are scarce in Coconut Grove. Those in search of properties under $1M should invest in renovation projects or should look and purchase homes in the less costly sections of Coral Gables.

    It is worth noting that larger homes or brand new homes are limited in supply. This is as a result of the humongous construction costs as well as strict zoning laws. It is more challenging to locate the homes above. Most homes in this neighborhood range from $1.5M and $2.5M with just a few of them costlier than $3M.

    What You Should Know About Selling Homes in Coconut Grove

    If you are looking to sell a house whose value is higher than $1.5M, be prepared to wait longer to get the best deal. Nevertheless, you need to be aggressive enough or on point with your valuation of the home. Older home or homes which need refurbishing are a turn-off. Potential buyers will stay off such homes, and they will sit in the market for a more extended period. The key to selling homes in Coconut Grove is appropriate pricing.

    You need to be a little patient if you wish to get the best out of the sale of your home. Do not expect to list your property on the market and sell in 2 weeks. That’s too soon! Nowadays, homebuyers are much more cautious and very hesitant than they were previously. This is because there have been quite a number of political and national uncertainties in recent years. The value of your home should not be over 5% higher than the current market value.  These types of properties are likely to stay longer in the market because of that increase in price.

    The value of homes in Coconut Grove has been rising over the years and is still on the rise. This area is one of Miami’s hottest neighborhoods, according to NeighbourhoodScout’s Data. Residential prices have appreciated, which is beneficial to homebuyers.

    All in all, Coconut Grove is considered a place to be. It offers good value for money and is the perfect residential neighborhood for luxurious homebuyers and sellers.