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Edgewater Real Estate

Edgewater Neighborhood in Miami, Florida

Where is Edgewater, Miami?

Edgewater is an emerging neighborhood in Miami, Florida, United States. Edgewater is roughly bound by N 37th street to the north, N 17th street to the south, Florida East Coast Railway to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east. Regardless, Edgewater is often grouped with Downtown or Midtown Miami.

History of Edgewater, Miami

In the early 1900s, Edgewater was one of Miami’s most exclusive residential areas, with numerous attractive early 20th century houses. Unfortunately, later into the century, a number of issues contributed to Edgewater’s decline.

However, a new millennium brought Edgewater hope, with inspired immigrants buying buildings and renting them out to tenants. Because of these people’s dedication to their community, one would never know about Edgewater’s troubled past. It is now a booming Miami neighborhood that offers residents a mix of city, suburban, and waterfront living.

Edgewater Real Estate

Edgewater is considered as a primary residential area, with numerous attractive early 20th century houses. It is equally made up of older high-rise to mid-rise residential towers along Biscayne Bay, and many historic buildings in other areas of the neighborhood. Due to its nearness to Miami’s Central Business District and Midtown, Edgewater has grown in popularity over the past few decades. As a result, older buildings have been renovated and some demolished for the construction of new homes and condos. This has brought about the rapid urbanization of this bayfront community.

Many of the condos in Edgewater offer resort-style amenities, luxury residences, breathtaking water views and sweeping views of Biscayne Bay. Two main condo development projects are presently ongoing in this area: Missoni Baia and Elysee and they are both expected to be completed later in 2020. Gran Paraiso, Paraiso Bay, Biscayne Beach, Aria on the Bay, and One Paraiso are considered to be the most luxurious condos in Edgewater.

Added to the most amazing views in Biscayne Bay, most of the building developments in this distinct neighborhood are newer and less costly than those at Miami beach and other regions of Downtown Miami. Many of Edgewater properties for rent or sale are closely located to areas where transportation is more accessible.

Edgewater Lifestyle

As opposed to the cosmopolitan charm of Brickell or the action and hustle of the Central Business District core, the atmosphere here feels calmed and relaxed. Overall, Edgewater has the feeling of a peaceful community, one that’s clearly urban but even so homey.


The demographics of Edgewater are similar to surrounding areas with over 50% of people aged 25-45. Most residents have at least some of a college education, and the median household income is around $70,000.

Restaurants & Bars

Although there are not as many restaurants in Edgewater as there are in other neighborhoods, these are definitely worth the visit. Mignonette is a former 1930s gas station-turned–oyster bar/seafood haven with luxurious and down-home options. There is also Casablanca on The Bay, a sophisticated seafood specialist with an enclosed dining space overlooking the bay. For something a little more casual, try Mike’s Miami, an Irish Pub with sports, burgers, and brews.


While most tourists tend to stay Downtown or on Miami Beach, there are still some options for tourists looking to stay in Edgewater. Besides the Hilton and Mariott, you’ll find most short-term vacation rentals to be more AirBnb style, in high-rise condo complexes.

Parks & Recreation


Edgewater is home to the best dog park in Miami, Margaret Pace Park. A double fenced-in area allows unleashed dogs to roam freely and play. There is a special area for small dogs, and a larger area for bigger dogs. Humans who visit Margaret Pace Park are also in for a treat, as it offers some of Miami’s most breathtaking golden hour views.


Margaret Pace Park isn’t just for dogs to exercise, there are a number of activities humans can take part in too! The basketball courts encourage friendly community pickup games, while the sidewalks through the park bring runners, bikers, and rollerbladers. There are also tennis courts on the south side of the park and a number of independent gyms within walking distance.

The Future of Edgewater Miami

Like many other Miami neighborhoods, Edgewater continues to see development of luxurious high-rise buildings. Because of its perfect location between Downtown Miami, Wynwood, and Miami Beach, many people want to live in this desirable spot.

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