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    Miami Shores Real Estate


    Looking forward to relocating to Miami Shores, FL? Relax, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know that makes this neighborhood the perfect location for you.

    Miami Shores, Florida, is a suburb of Miami with a total population of about 10,756 people and a median age of 39.4. Located in Miami-Dade County, Miami Shores is one of the best areas to live in Florida. This area is 1-mile S of North Miami, Florida and 6 miles N of Miami, Florida. Residents of this area are in the Miami metropolitan region.

    Miami Shores Brief History

    Miami Shores is a neighborhood with a great historical background of over 100 years. In the early 1900s, Miami Shore village was occupied by a tomato packing plant, starch mill, sawmill, grapefruit grove and pineapple plantation. These were the different enterprises in which the early pioneers were engaged and were able to live-on.

    This area was rapidly developing into a beautiful city until the unfortunate disaster that occurred on September 18, 1926. The devastating hurricane that wrecked the entire community greatly affected the economic growth of Miami Shores. All plans for the development of the city came to a halt. This, however, didn’t stop the community from attaining its goal.

    In the years that followed, its inhabitants’ incorporated new developments and the growth was steady. Various architectural styles were introduced, yet the area emerged as the type of development that was first intended. Miami Shores retains many of its original values – well established and serviced by having wide roads and tree-lined streets, downtown areas, major highways, many different community activities and well-maintained houses provided with efficient services.

    In the year 1932, Miami Shores got separated from Miami. This community was well-known for the Biscayne Kennel Club dog track which was shut down in 1995.

    Miami Shores Economy

    As of 2017, Miami Shore, FL, had a population of about 10,800 inhabitants with a median household income of approximately $117,188 and a median age of 39.4 years. Between 2016 and 2017, Miami Shores experienced a 0.149% decrease in population and a 16% increase in its median household income. Miami Shores has a median property value of $482,200, with a homeownership rate of 89.3%.

    The most prominent industries in this area are Scientific, Professional, technical Services, Retail Trade, and Educational Services, and they employ over 5500 people within the community. The highest paying enterprises are Transportation, Warehousing, Utilities, and Wholesale Trade.

    Here in Miami Shores, the median household income is $117,188. Men have an average income, which is 1.34 time higher than that of women. The income inequality in this area is 0.473. This figure is lower than the national average.


    Miami Shores Beautiful Lifestyle

    Miami Shores offers its inhabitants a suburban feeling. Here, almost everyone owns a house. The village of Miami Shores is made up numerous parks and restaurants. Amongst them, Arch Creek Park, a beautiful and pleasant area.

    Miami Shores is a peaceful community which offers a wide range of opportunities and activities. It has an outstanding golf course along with facilities for other sports such as baseball, soccer, tennis, and many others. The residents of this neighborhood can get commercial air services from the Miami International Airport.

    When compared with other towns, cities, and Census Designated Places in Florida, Miami Shores ranks in the upper quartile for population density and diversity index.