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    Coral Gables Real Estate


    Coral Gables, known as the “City Beautiful,” is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Once a small district in Miami, established in the 1920s by George Merrick during the Florida land boom, this area was one of the country’s first planned communities. Today, it is a spotless home for over 100 multinational companies and trade offices.

    This neighborhood is located southwest to Downtown Miami, and it is home to Miami’s University. In 2017, this neighborhood was estimated by the United States Census Bureau to have a population of about 51,095. Coral Gables is a friendly neighborhood.

    Located not far from Miami International Airport, Coral Gables has about 140 dining establishments and epicurean shops, and a good number of prominent international retailers. Amongst the landmarks in the “City Beautiful” are Douglas Entrance, Miami Biltmore Hotel, and the Venetian Pool. Cora Gable is one of South Florida’s most desirable shopping center. It features quality boutiques, shops, restaurant, art galleries, and a live theater in a green landscape milieu of tree-lined streets. People interested in shopping will find unique attires, jewelry, salons and spas, furniture, and many other specialty shops. It is also made up of world-renowned restaurants which provide food from all over the world. These restaurants equally serve dinner during the late hours of the day.

    From George Merrick’s iconic architecture to boutique-lined Miracle Mile, everyone can find what would make their stay agreeable. Coral Gables neighborhood is known for its commitment to personal and quality services.

    Reason Why Coral Gables Is Miami’s Best Neighborhood

    If you are planning to establish your life in Miami-Dade, think of making Coral Gables neighborhood your home. It has the best beaches in Miami both in the northern and southern part of the region. Coral Gables is made up of urban and suburban areas. These areas include; Gables by the sea, Downtown, Palmetto Bay, and Red Road. They all offer a comfortable lifestyle to their inhabitants.

    However, here are a few reasons why Coral Gables is Miami’s best neighborhood.

    • Location

    It is located in a good environment. It is as good as it can be when it concerns tranquility.

    • The Venetian Pool

    The “City Beautiful” has one of the unique public pools in the United States. Constructed on an old rock quarry, Venetian pool features freshwater gotten from Florida’s aquifers directly.

    • Coral Gables is known for what it is

    Unlike the other areas in Miami who often change their identity, Coral Gables is still the same as it has always been.

    • Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

    This neighborhood is no slouch when it comes to lushly space. There are many parks and garden within its borders. It has all the plants you’ve seen grow in the other regions of South Florida.


    • Its Downtown is Youth-Friendly

    The city is reputable for being suitable for everyone.

    Notwithstanding, Coral Gables is in the process of drafting many long-range planning documents that will enable the creation of a road map for future transportation. These documents also include sustainability projects for the next ten years. The ongoing Bike/Pedestrian Implementation Plan and Multi-Modal Plan are scheduled to be completed this 2019. This will recommend numerous capital enhancement projects making this neighborhood the most environmentally friendly, multi-modal, and livable city in Florida.