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Wynwood Real Estate

Wynwood Arts District Neighborhood in Miami, Florida

Where is Wynwood Miami?

Wynwood is adjacent to Edgewater, and north of Downtown Miami. It is divided into two main sub-districts, the Wynwood Fashion District along West Fifth Avenue, and the Wynwood Art District in the northern part of Wynwood. Wynwood is bounded to the east by Florida East Coast Railway, then by North 20th street to the south, I-95 to the west, and I-195 to the north.

History of Wynwood

Once known as a decrepit business district, Wynwood has developed into one of Miami’s most vibrant community. This neighborhood has seen an increasing number of attention and investments since the early 2000s with Tony Goldman playing a significant role in its advancement. In 2005, Midtown Miami development projects started. This included the North 29th and 36th street and Miami Avenue and the Florida East Coast Railway expanding the scope of the area. This project brought renewed attention to this region.

Today, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood is the world’s largest open-air museum dotted with restaurants, dance venues, breweries, artwork, clothing shops, and many other retail options.

Wynwood Real Estate

While the heart of Wynwood isn’t too residential, there are still a number of buildings in the area for people to buy or rent. The Wynwood Lofts offer residents cool, industrial style units right next door to the Wynwood Walls. 250 Wynwood is another nearby option with modern floor plans and penthouses with rooftop terraces. Finally, Wynwood 25 is Miami’s newest creative apartment community, centrally located in Wynwood and offering all the modern amenities people have come to expect from new builds.

Recently, a number of development projects have been proposed in Wynwood. While people are nervous these new buildings may take away some of the neighborhood’s artistic charm, they will enable more people to call this unique neighborhood their home.

Wynwood Lifestyle

In Wynwood, anything goes! Here, you will not find the suited professionals rushing to their next meetings. You’re more likely to find an eccentric artist spray painting a wall, or a young developer coding websites in a local cafe. The laidback & accepting mentality of Wynwood is what makes it so different from its nearby Miami counterparts.


As of 2018, Wynwood was home to about 8,000 people but these numbers should rise with new residences planned. About 30% of Wynwood’s households have children, and the median income is right around the $30,000 mark.

Restaurants & Bars

There’s no shortage of restaurants, bars, and breweries in Wynwood, making it a popular destination for brunching, bar hopping and happy hours. Bakan is a popular indoor/outdoor Mexican spot with live music and a large menu of tequila & mezcal drinks. A number of classic Wynwood bars like El Patio, Wood Tavern, and Coyo Taco’s Speakeasy line SW 2nd St, making it a breeze to go from place to place, even in uncomfortable shoes.


Although Wynwood doesn’t have many hotels, there are over 300 AirBnbs in which visitors can stay. Some hotels close to Wynwood are Real Living Hotel Residences and Domio Wynwood.

Parks & Recreation


Wynwood is the number one spot in Miami for all things art! You’ll find a number of art galleries amidst the commissioned street paintings, artisans, and creative musicians. The second Saturday of every month the streets come to life at Wynwood Art Walk, which is a giant sunset block party with food trucks, djs, open air markets, and more!


The industrial-style buildings give rise to many independent gyms in Wynwood. Right in the heart are Wynwood Yoga, Bodytek Fitness, and Hybrid Performance Method HQ.

Wynwood Points of Interest

Wynwood Walls

There is art all over Wynwood, but at the heart of it all are the Wynwood Walls. This designated area has larger than life murals from commissioned artists and is home to some of America’s most instagrammed spots. Stroll through the world’s largest open air museum and browse the galleries, all open to the public and free!

Museum of Graffiti

The Museum of Graffiti is the world’s only museum dedicated exclusively to graffiti art. It chronicles the history of street art and celebrates the pioneers of this edgy art form.

Wynwood Marketplace

The Wynwood Marketplace is currently being remodeled and is set to open soon. This marketplace creates an experience for all visitors, who can dine at food trucks, shop clothes & jewelry from independent designers & artists, or sip a local craft brew.

The Future of Wynwood

The future of Wynwood is currently uncertain. While developers urge lawmakers to allow large condominiums to be built, locals and other Miamians love the current Wynwood for its unique culture and charm. Regardless, Wynwood is a top choice for creatives, technologists, and artists alike.

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